Michael Law's Piccadilly Dance Orchestra - 30th Anniversary Album! INFORMATION FOR SPONSORS.

Our 30th Anniversary album will be studio-recorded and will focus on the great British Dance Bands of the late 1920s and 30s - including a toe-tapping selection of songs in superb 'period' musical arrangements, performed by the PDO's marvellous musicians and singers.

Please help us by sponsoring this very special project:

1) BRONZE Pledge £20: receive a copy of the new CD by post, as soon as it's released.

2) SILVER Pledge £30: as per option (1) above, plus a signed copy of our previous album, Brighter Than The Sun.

3) GOLD Pledge £80: as per option (2) above, plus your name as a benefactor in the new album's booklet.

4) PLATINUM Pledge £150: as per option (3) above plus two tickets to our Gala 30th Anniversary concert in October 2018.

5) RHODIUM Pledge £400: as per option (4) above plus an invitation for you and a guest to attend a special reception at the Gala 30th Anniversary concert in London during October 2018, with the orchestra's manager Alan, founder and conductor Michael and musicians and singers of the orchestra. Your name will also appear as a 'generous benefactor' in our 30th Anniversary Brochure and in the new CD's sleeve.

Please choose your preferred sponsorship option from the drop-down menu below:


If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make it payable to 'The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra' and contact us for a postal address.

Thank you.

Funding is for:

Recording studio + engineering (including mixing & editing);
Album design (including front cover, back cover, liner note insert, disc artwork);
Musical arrangements and transcriptions from original 78rpm recordings;
Musicians' fees;
Production & manufacturing of physical albums;
Promotional materials.

We have decided not to use Kickstarter because they take 10% of funds raised and we want as much as possible of your generous contributions to be used to produce the album.

Our aim is to raise £7,500. If we raise more than this, we may be able to add more musicians such as violins and an additional sax, trumpet and trombone to some of the recording sessions.

Sponsors will be kept informed about the album's progress by email. Thank you in advance for your support!