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This is the start of a series of short blogs about some of the remarkable people we've met over the years.

In 1991, John Paul Getty Jnr. hosted a party at Spencer House - and we were lucky to be engaged to play after-dinner dance music for his illustrious guests. Margaret Thatcher, then Prime-Minister, led Mr Getty (later 'Sir') onto the dance floor and she was an excellent dancer. Later she danced with her husband, Denis. Spencer house, then newly restored, looked stunning and we performed on the elegant balcony (covered especially for the occasion) which overlooks Green Park. Later on in the evening, a young pianist 'sat-in' with the orchestra for some 'Boogie Woogie' - his name was Jules Holland.
Around 1993, our smaller group 78rpm performed for Getty's birthday at Wormsley Estate in Buckinghamshire, in a marquee erected on the edge of his cricket pitch (he was a noted Anglophile). I remember that among his special requests were the 1940s songs 'A Gal in Calico' and 'The Stanley Steamer'. Spike Milligan was a guest and at one point he tottered towards the band stand with his eyes fixed on us. Intrigued, we all looked quizzically at him and wide-eyed he said as he reached the band stage: 'this isn't the toilet; it's the band'. We couldn't disagree with him - and he moved on! Alan and I were lucky enough to be shown around Getty's stunning library by the librarian (I particularly remember some exquisite Viennese Art Nouveau leather book-bindings) and we were given tea in the main house's drawing-room. It's always nice to be treated with consideration and respect by clients, which has not always been the case(!)